Friday, April 25, 2008

Celebrity Mom

Hey kids, your mother is now a Hillsdale County celebrity. The local radio station has an annual phone toss event as part of Administrative Professional's Day. We get to see how far we can throw a phone. I have participated for several years now and almost one a prize last year with a throw of over 43' until I got bumped out of my spot. So I thought I'd practice and maybe win something this year. Dad and I practiced last night with firewood from the barn. Dad wanted me to throw like a baseball pitch and I said I'd do better underhand (as I previously have done). I was afraid to throw a sidearm pitch because the building is close by and for fear I might hit the window. Well this year they had different phones. My throw was good except the receiver disengaged and went flying through the announcer office window. I guess it was the first time a window was ever broken in the event so I made "BIG" news. I came back to the office to find my door and window taped up. My nickname is now Cheryl "Crash" Clawson. We're all having a good time laughing about it and I'm the brunt of everyone's jokes today. I've attached a video clip one of my coworkers made for me (and of course, it's being circulated around campus today).

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Julie said...

I wanted to comment that this was great. Emma was totally confused though... didn't quite grasp what was going on.