Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thanks for the Memories

We have a wonderful family Christmas this year. It was nice to have everyone home. Christy and Nate left last night so the house is painfully quiet again. Julie and Dad went to work leaving me all alone after such a busy week. I passed the time watching the Gilmore Girls (no surprise there). Tomorrow I think I'll start taking down some of the Christmas decorations but will leave the snowmen up for awhile.

The Swedish dinner turned out great I thought. There was a good variety of food and something for everyone. I only wish Julie M could have felt better to enjoy more of the selection. I appreciate the sacrificing a mom makes to bring a little one into the world and in the end it will have been worth it when the baby arrives next summer. Christmas will be the last thing on our minds then. Thanks Julie for hanging in there. You are in my prayers daily. It was a blast to watch Emma and Maizey Blue run around the house together and hear the laughter.

Maizey's adorable and a sweet little puppy. Christy and Nate are such doting parents. I thank you all for being such thoughtful children and the special gifts you chose for each other. Not having such a functional family growing up, it meant a lot to me to watch everyone get along and have fun together. You are a blessing to me. (Okay, I'm starting to get mushy). May we have a special year ahead and watch expectantly to what God is planning for each of our lives in the new year!

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