Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hippies in Huntington!

Hello all! I just wanted to share about a very fun experience I had today in church. Odon Soterias came for the second time to my church. They are a hippie couple that is traveling around the world and supporting themselves through their music. They live in a school bus! They are both very gifted and very nice individuals. This is their site: They are willing to go anywhere and play for churches, coffee shops, or weddings. I suggest trying to get them to an area near you! If you want them to paly for a church they don't charge they just ask for a love offering to help support their ministry of music. They are a christian couple and Annika is from Germany. Hippydan is a very unique person too. He's very funny and loves to entertain. I have 2 of their cd's if you're interested in hearing them, but I think their site has some of their music on it too. Hope you all are doing well!