Monday, April 9, 2007

Emma's Easter Basket

We had a busy Easter. We held church events on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Sunday morning we had a potluck brunch at church with tons of yummy food. Emma was really tired and so was very fussy the whole time. She took a nap after church and then got to open her Easter basket when she woke up. She got fun outdoor/gardening stuff. She of course had to put everything on and carry around the basket all around the living room. It was really cute.


Christy Metler said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks for setting this up for the family. We always enjoy seeing pictures. Just wanted to let you know that my birthday is wrong on the website. It's Sept. 22 not 21. I didn't know if I had the ability to change it or not.

Julie said...

Sorry!!! Blame your brother! :)

Ken & Cheryl Clawson said...

Hi, Emma I like your Easter Dress and Bonnet. You can help grandma and grandpa in the garden with your new garden tools when we come to see you.Thanks Julie for setting up this blog. I even put pictures on without Cheryl's help!Publish lots of pictures.
Christy how about some pictures of you and your soccer team.