Friday, April 13, 2007

Clawson/Metler Olympics

Hi everyone,
During a recent doctor's appointment, I read an interesting article in the waiting room about exercise and it's effect on our intellect. It said the more we exercise, the smarter we'll be. Now, being the dumbest in the family amongst all you intellects, I thought that I would exercise myself into being a genius. So here's it is: I challenge each of our family members (Clawson's and Metlers) to a vacation fitness competition at the Pearl Lake cottage. Here are some examples of what might occur - run or walk up to the road and back, swim across Pearl Lake, climb the dunes 11 times (my old record), or walk to Lake Michigan and back across the top of Sleeping Bear, etc. You can add some of your own challenges. Emma, you can ride your new big wheel if Daddy brings it. Or maybe he'll let you ride it up to the cottage like he wanted to do when he was little. Ask him to tell you the story. At night, we can have board game challenges (bring your favorites) that challenge our intellect. The article says the more your exercise, the smarter you get. I'm suggesting this now so we all have a chance to get in shape. Mom and I have been working out since January and I'm sure you don't want us old folks to show you up. So start exercising. Keep working your mind and eat your bananas. (Gramsy would be proud)
So what do you think - are you in? Nate - If I win, you'll have to agree to name your first born after me (well only if it's a boy). Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.
Mom is worried you'll all think I'm the big "Dork" and won't want to do this. Help me prove her wrong!!


Mike Clawson said...

I'll jog the Cottage Road or swim Pearl Lake. I'd better not try to do the Dunes challenge after what happened last time. ;)

Julie said...

Sounds fun. Emma may have issues with the big wheel - she's still trying to grasp the concept of the pedals

Ken & Cheryl Clawson said...

This is all in fun. Dad won't actually run you into the ground.
He just thought that since we never know what to do with the day when we get up, we could start with walking or whatever. I was wondering about Emma and the big wheel. It may be difficult to manage on the cottage road anyway.
Bring some board games for the evening.